Save Franklin County Veteran’s Memorial

The Franklin County Veteran’s Memorial provides vital services to both Veterans and to the community.

The Franklin County Veteran’s Memorial provides vital services to both Veteran’s and to the community.

  • Franklin County Veteran’s Service Commission assists Veterans with financial and housing help as well as employment counseling in coordination with the Ohio Job and Family Services

  • Franklin County Veteran’s Memorial houses more than 145,000 square feet of meeting and exhibition space, banquet rooms, and a 3,916 seat theater

    • Serves the community through job fairs, commencement ceremonies for high schools and colleges, meeting facilities as well as concerts

    • Hosts events such as bridal shows, home improvement expos, dance recitals, Rock and Gem shows and recreational vehicle shows. It is also the yearly venue for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival

The Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) and Franklin County Commissioners are planning to demolish the Veteran’s Memorial and in its place, will build a small, interactive military history museum.

They state this is to honor Veteran’s yet say they do not know what they will do with the Memorial Plaques and memorabilia housed in the current Veteran’s Memorial. Veterans are offended by this.

Activities that regularly booked the Veteran’s Memorial will be forced to find other venues or may have to leave Columbus due to inadequate auditorium space.

We strongly urge you to consider the following points and to view videos showing Veteran’s blocked from speaking in public forums.

  1. The Veterans all-inclusive plan that addressed fire suppression, asbestos, and electrical issues in a progressive, modern facility was shut out of consideration.

  2. The Veteran’s Service Commission is being forced to move from a 58 yr. old building to a 107 yr. old building.

  3. For three years Veterans Memorial has made money.

  4. Veteran’s Memorial was bought with bonds and built by Veterans for Veterans and the community.

  5. Little public information is available from the hand-picked Glenn Commission.
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Representatives of CDDC, Dennis Laitch and Amy Taylor, go to Distinguished Veteran's place of work without his knowledge. They speak to his superiors in an attempt to stop the veteran from voicing his opposition to the CDDC's plan. Jeep in the photo is that of the CDDC representatives.